Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote vote vote

A reminder for anyone who forgot: today's the day to vote!

I've already cast my ballot and highly recommend going in the afternoon. The polling guy at my place said the busiest times are morning and evening when work lets out. So avoid the lines!

Also, check out Rick Marshall's article "Which Candidates Would Your Webcomic Characters Vote For?" It's rather nifty.

My quick guesses in no particular order (Emi may have her own take):

1. Keiko - Obama, because he strikes her as a sensible person.
2. Eri-chan - She's 17 so she can't vote. She thinks Obama is a bishie, though.
3. Ho-chan and Eeichi - Bob Barr. They're all for getting the government out of the way of having their own collection of wives and husbands.
4. Petra - Sarah Palin, since she can respect a woman who knows her guns. That McCain happens to be her running mate is an unfortunate coincidence.
5. Lycidia - Herself.
6. Daisuke - Lycidia.
7. Yamichi - Chuck Baldwin, because he seems to have the most rational approach to government.