Sunday, August 19, 2007

Strange English

Ever wonder what happened to the Strange English comics from Taiwan that were last posted way back when? Well, good news: they've been put online. All of them!

Back in November last year, I started the Create a Comic Project (CCP) here in the US. Like Strange English (which I now refer to as CCP ROC), it used webcomics such as OO to help teach kids creative writing skills. The site is used to post the comics my students made.

As an added bonus, I've just finished going through and adding every Strange English comic to the CCP archives, backdating them to July 2005. The first month features the comics that were posted here in OO. From then on, it's all new content.

There are 372 in all, so if you liked Strange English, check it out! And be sure to read the newer creations by my American students.

For more info on the CCP, you can check out the site's About, FAQ, and blog.