Friday, April 20, 2007

Todd Goldman: Screwing It Up Even Worse

As I posted earlier, Todd Goldman was found to have plagiarized the work of Dave Kelly. Goldman even admitted as such (claiming it was "accidental") in a press release.

Now, however, Goldman has hired attorneys and is now threatening everyone from Fleen to Wikipedia to Ryuzaki, who listed every single one of Goldman's acts of plagiarism (and documented how Goldman's employees went on to hack and vandalize several MySpace accounts of those who spoke against him).

Wikipedia has already apparently rolled over for Goldman (though it could be temporary as they review the merits of the case). Hopefully, Fleen and others won't follow suit (and I doubt they will).

I think Todd is going to quickly learn that "lawyering up" to squash criticism has a nasty way of backfiring. Especially when said lawyers have no case to make.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Todd Goldman: Plagiarist

As first revealed in the Something Awful forums and since posted in various webcomics and info sites like Fleen, Todd Goldman has plagiarized the work of Dave Kelly, the genius behind the webcomic Purple Pussy.

This case of art theft is worth mentioning because Goldman has posted this - and other - plagiarized pieces in formal art galleries and earned a profit from it. What's even more disgusting is that, after being called out on it, Todd (or someone pretending to be him), then said that he had intentionally copied Kelly, calling him a "huge infantilist furry" and pedophile.

For more on this, please see this thread, where I've posted links to sources and additional comments on the subject. Also, please spread the word on this. We need the news media to pick up on this story.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Choose Dom's Next Move

Time for a bit of reader interaction: which way should Dom go?

You, the readers, shall decide the direction Dom takes. The choices are:

1. Left (where the bardmaids went)
2. Right (where Lycidia's adventurers went)
3. Back (where both parties came from)

(Sorry, no "Orgy and Pie" option this time.)

Rather than make you sign up for a poll in the forum, the vote will be had here. To vote, click "Comments," enter your name, and then put your choice (left, right, or back). Your choice needs to be the first word in the reply. You can then include some kind of justification for it. Please vote only once, of course. ^_^

I'll tally up the votes in a week or so and base what happens to Dom on that. Enjoy!

Edit: Please note that only votes posted here in the comments section will count towards the final tally. Though I will (as usual) pay attention to the OO discussion thread in my forum, so if you want me to reply to any extra comments you have related to the plot (and I know some of you do), remember to post there. Thanks!