Sunday, December 11, 2005

Further Reading

Since OO will be taking a break, why not look at some other web comics? One in particular that I've been enjoying is And Shine Heaven Now. It's a Hellsing fancomic that I've linked before. It's currently doing its Christmas story arc with Millennium, everybody's favorite band of Nazi vampires! Erin's Rip Van Winkle rendition is so pretty. *_*

A preview:

Expect to hear more about this comic, as Erin and I have been collaborating on a special secret project. Muah ha ha ha! ^_^

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ulrich's Back!

I'm sure more than a few of you will like seeing him back. Remember to post comments in the forum.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Old Rants

Some old rants, here preserved for posterity (not that anyone cares). Not all of them are here, just the important ones. I'll add more later.


Hello, all! I’m Xuanwu, the new writer of OO. I was dumbfounded when Emi-chan picked me (I did not expect to win). The realization that I’m now guiding the story direction of OO – which I have read for over 2 years now – is still sinking in.

I will definitely try my best to continue the traditions and wackiness of Kourin and Tanzy who came before me. To that end, I need feedback! Don’t be afraid to yell and say, “You suck!” Just be sure to say why. If you like/don’t like a plot element I introduce, tell me. The more people say “I like this” or “I don’t like this” the more likely I am to take steps to correct it. I’ll take silence as a sign I’m doing something right. ^_____^;

Today’s comic starts something I outlined in my application: the demon possessed Teneko and Kerisu arc. You should be seeing comics from this arc regularly now as it progresses. Muah-ha-ha-ha!

I hope I live up to your expectations and look forward to make OO comics for years to come. Emi-chan and I already have some interesting projects discussed between us and I hope we can bring them to fruition. Whee!


I think it’s now very clear which anime I’m parodying with the Teneko – Kerisu arc. How many of you saw it coming? As an early player of “Magic: The Gathering” and someone who enjoys “Babylon 5” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” I thought it only fair to tap them for humor (pun intended).

Comic 475:

The character Lymaran is based on a real life person. I got her permission to put her name to a character and also based the clothing and mannerisms on her. Unfortunately, she never hands out a picture of herself, so her specific physical characteristics are unknown. But she has long black hair and glasses, which are two great things for any girl to have! ^_^

Comic 480:

How many CCG references can you spot in Kayori’s spiel? Kayori is another character based on a real life person (a guy) who idolizes Bridget. He acts like a very intelligent young child, complete with cuteness. A friend of his will join the OO cast later on, as well. ^_^

Comic 481:

A one shot comic to let you all know how Ho-chan is doing. Yamano is her surname, which is why everyone calls her “Mistress Yamano.” When she appears, you’ll see her wearing very sexy fan service outfits. She’s Queen, so she can dress however she wants!

Comic 485:

I wonder how many people would kill me if I made Eeichi and Takeshi a yaoi couple. It’s very tempting.

Experimental Ranting Okashi (ExRaOk)

If you can see this, it means I managed to not screw it up. Later on I'll try and add some of my older, comic specific rants to this blog so they're saved.