Friday, June 30, 2006

OO Wiki Page Lost

Sad to say, the OO Wiki page has been deleted. Fortunately, I saved its contents to Comixpedia, so the page itself is not lost and can one day be restored to Wiki. if you have time, go ahead and edit that page.

Thank you to everyone who helped argue in OO's defense. Unfortunately, it did little to stop Wiki editors Dragonfiend (who has a history of uncivil behavior, personal attacks, and bad faith editing) and Kunzite (the original nominator) from mustering a goon squad of their own to shoot down the page.

Once OO gets more popular, it should be possible to bring the OO page back onto Wiki. And next time we won't let the bad guys win! ^_^

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Save the OO Wiki Page!

OO's Wiki page has been nominated for deletion. Please help keep the OO page there by voting to keep the article! You should only do so if you have an established account, since accounts with few edits are usually discarded as "sock puppets."

For those unfamiliar with how to format their vote, copy past the following:

'''Keep''' ~~~~

This will put "Keep" in bold (remember it has to be three single quotes) and add your name and the date (the four tildes). You also should put something in explaining why you're voting to keep (don't serve up a dish of copypasta!). If you agree with what I or someone else said in the discussion, you can simply put "Keep per (Person X)." Thanks!