Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strange Candy Wiki Page is BACK!

Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy

Good news, everyone! Back in June 2006, OO's Wiki page was deleted thanks to the fanatical anti-webcomic efforts of Dragonfiend and other deletionists. Almost 2 years later and their efforts have been successfully undone!

A fan of the comic recreated the page using info from OO's Comixpedia entry. It was brought up for deletion by Dragonfiend (no surprise there), went to to AfD discussion, and when the ruling came in the admins of Wikipedia saw fit to rule in favor of keeping it.

It would've been nice if this had been the ruling back in 2006, but a victory now is just as awesome, especially in light of the mass culling of webcomic articles that went on in 2007. So go forth, readers, and make OO's Wiki page a good one!


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